Thursday, October 23, 2008

House of Wallace Stevens

Traveled to Albany for work and flew into Bradley Intl. Airport in Hartford, CT. I took the opportunity to drive to the house Wallace Stevens owned and take some pictures. This didn't take more than 20 minutes and I did very little thinking on Stevens or poetry, etc. I just did it because I could.

I decided, while downtown in Albany ("Old Albany"), to go to a used bookstore and browse--there I found an old Faber "paper coverd" edition of Stevens' Selected Poems, and this is what I read on the plane ride home. And I did indeed read it the entire way...I got through about 30 poems and took some notes.

I think my favorites were (standards): Le Monocle de Mon Oncle, The Snow Man, The Emperor of Ice Cream, Sunday Morning, Disillusionment of Ten o'Clock, The Plot Against the Giant.

I'll chat about them in another post. But you should know too that these poems offered up the name of this blog.

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